How To Save Your SEO Project With Four Contextual Factors

April 20th, 2016

SEO_team_integration_tacticsBy Mary


Even the best consultants will have to deal with challenging clients at some point in their careers, but  you want to make sure that before you walk away from an  SEO project or client that the  the source of the problem is not based on contextual factors. If the issues with your client are contextual, then there are many techniques you can apply to recognize it and solve it.

The four contextual factors most significantly related to team performance are adequate resources, a climate of trust, effective leadership, and a reward system. Here is list of methodologies and tools to apply them. Read more…

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Increasing Your CRO With Twitter’s Followers Demographics’ Data

April 6th, 2016

picBy Mary,

So you have at least 500  to 1000 followers subscribed to your twitter account, but you want to know who are your followers.

Having relevant followers who like, retweet, comment  and believe in your brand or product is one of the most important goals you should always strive for when growing your following base.

To increase engagement  you want make sure to have as many relevant followers as possible, and not so much as to having the most followers. In other words, you don’t want thousands of followers who do not read, like, comment or care for what you have to say on your twitter posts. Having irrelevant followers Is like going to an auto expo to sell office lamps.  It is all about quality of followers not quantity.

To achieve higher engagement with your posts, you want to make sure to customize your posts to your type of audience; but who is your audience? What is their gender, age, language, race, economic status, level of education, income level and employment, among other things. These units of data are called Demographics. Read more…

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Google New algorithm RankBrain. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) System operates by teaching itself.

March 15th, 2016

Google-RankBrainBy Mary

Google new classical algorithm MI RankBrain. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) system operates by teaching itself.

Google made another incredible announcement that sent shock waves through the Search Marketing industry by the end of last year. The new decision to utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) system known as RankBrain to organize, monitor, upgrade page rank where necessary, its ultimately aimed at developing their core search algorithm for the future. RankBrain  is nothing new since it is rooted in semantic web. I wrote an article about this transition to semantic Search back in 2010.

Google’s RankBrain is designed to aid in processing search results. The RankBrain operates by Machine Intelligence (MI) teaching itself by developing a mental map of words, their meanings and interactions with other words. Read more…

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What is Social CRM?

March 11th, 2016


From social media to Social CRM

Even though social media plays a large part in promoting brand awareness, generating leads and driving revenue for your organization, it should first and foremost be considered a channel for providing online customer service. Data studies have shown that customers are increasingly reaching out to brands via social networks for customer support or consumer care. In fact, over the past year there was a 100% increase in requests sent to brands expecting response.

Social CRM or SCRM ( Customer Relationship Management), is the use of tools, social services techniques to enable organizations to engage with inbound customer request allowing this way to create meaningful points of engagement. IBM calls it “The new frontier in customer relationship management.”

Traditional social media methods use social media almost as a space for organizations to deliver brand awareness or advocacy, and through metrics of inbound marketing message. Additionally, when the consumer reaches out to their brand via Facebook, twitter, Instagram, the respond rates are low or non existent. Then if the brand does eventually respond, the consumer is told to go to the brands page or call. Missing out on the opportunity to engage consumers in real time, and the chance to collect very valuable data by sending consumers elsewhere. Read more…

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Google’s “Micro-Moments” and “Near You” Helps You Growth Your Traffic

March 5th, 2016


google_micro_moments_explainedBy Mary

Understanding the user behavior in a multi-device world is one of the most recent mobile marketing priority for any manager and organization to focus on in order to provide consumer oriented products or services. Google addresses this audience segmentation on a granular level by calling it Moments.

Read more…

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5 Examples on How to Set Up Your Social Media Goals with SMART

March 5th, 2016

How_to_write_a_Smart_goalBy Mary

When a social media marketer begins to design a Strategic Social Marketing plan, many times there is not clear direction where to begin. A lot of time is lost in brain storming and asking questions of the client to find out where in the marketing funnel the social efforts are located. For most new businesses there are few to almost no efforts. In  this case this means the client’s social efforts are at the awareness phase (learn more about the marketing funnel) and this means goals haven’t been clearly established or defined. Here are some examples:

Read more…

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Personality Test and Methods for Evaluating Your SEO Team

March 3rd, 2016

What are the methods of performance evaluation?

By Mary
Performance evaluations are a collaborative endeavor coordinated between the various departments and HR. The evaluations are informed by the various managers in each department with the outcomes falling to each of the respective managers since they are ultimately responsible for the employee’s performance. There are several methods: Purpose, Written evaluation, Critical incidents, Graphic Rating Scales, Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales, Forced Comparisons and Group Order ranking method. Lets go over each in detail. Read more…

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15 SEO Worst Enemies

March 2nd, 2016


You’ve landed a small business or startup client, and began developing your SEO strategy. Despite the potential you see in the client’s site (product or service) to leverage a great SEO campaign, soon you realize nothing is getting done because your client has accidentally turn him or herself into the SEO project’s worse enemy.

Note: This article mentions SEO, but it applies to any digital marketing practice.

15 Symptoms of SEO Enemy : Read more…

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How To Identify a Milestone For Your SEO Project

February 27th, 2016

By Mary

Identifying Project Milestones

A milestone is defined by the PMBOK Guide (5th Edition) as “a significant point or event in a project” (pg. 546). Typically, milestones signal the completion of a key deliverable but they may also signify an important decision point in a project.

“A milestone should not be about doing something; it should be about having arrived somewhere. It’s a place in the project that is unambiguous and clear to all in terms of what is meant when it has been achieved. Milestones, along with objectives, are an excellent way to identify misunderstandings before the project starts and eliminate those nasty surprises.” Read more…

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Understanding Intent & Concepts Themes (SEO Smart Keyword Research)

February 12th, 2016


Understanding Intent & Concepts:

Intent explained:

The easiest way to explain Intent is by reading a quote from Google’s own Senior Vice President Amit Singhal (former–he left Google this week) who said, “people communicate with each other by conversation, not by typing keywords – and we’ve been hard at work to make Google understand and answer your questions more like people do.” What they have been working on is to deliver search results based on User Intent. Read more…

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SEO PM Requirements explained: Requirements are not task activities

February 10th, 2016

Managing_SEO_Requirements_Through_the PMP_Life_Cycle
A very common mistake that is made in Project Management (PM) when identifying project requirements,  is to begin listing the tasks/activities that will be done to implement the project. Task activities are not PM Requirements.

Download Roadmap To SEO requirements

Read more…

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Case Study: Dunkin’ Donuts Global Marketing Initiative – Thailand

February 5th, 2016

Dunkin'Donuts Global Marketing Initiative - Thailan

Dunkin’ Donuts opened its business in Thailand in 1981. Currently it operates almost 130 outlets, serving more than 300,000 customers a week.

The difference between a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in the US compared to Thailand is that in Thailand, Dunkin’ Donuts’s marketing strategy characterizes an image of a conscious organization who cares for society and honors the family tradition, contrary to US culture. A Thai Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant tends to be a meeting place where people come with their family and friends to relax and socialize. Read more…

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What Is Integrated Internet Marketing?

January 29th, 2016


What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Integrated Internet Marketing is an approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers or users to interact with the brand/enterprise or organization. Integrated Digital Marketing, also called Integrated Search, attempts to meld all aspects of marketing communication. Read more…

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New Client? A Quick Road Map To Get Your SEO and Social Marketing Campaign Started

January 28th, 2016



You have a new client, and it takes a while and a lot of research to design your marketing plan. Many SEOs or Digital Marketers begin by asking questions about goals, target markets, etc. Others go and check the client’s analytics data and do market and competitor research.

A quick hack to get you started in assisting your client by providing him or her with a road map, is to utilize the Customer Journey Funnel. This funnel has many names, and I think it is worth listing some of them to avoid confusion. Some of the names are as follows: marketing funnel, sales funnel, customer acquisition funnel, customer purchase funnel, and so on.

Read more…

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Global Digital Marketing: Compare the United States with other Coutries

January 20th, 2016

This article discusses how culture influences marketing communication and consumer preferences.  Compare the United States with other countries.


Cultural differences can affect business relationships in the global markets, but this is often underestimated, especially in international team-building efforts. Language issues are only one source of the problem. Foreign companies need acceptance by the local market and understanding of the local business culture. For example, global communications through Internet could create miscommunication cultural factors. Knowing what level of communication is appropriate for a certain level of trust is mainly important in digital communication environments, where face-to-face contact may be more limited.  Read more…

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Case Study: Are Extroverts Good Leaders or They Need To Become Extroverts To Be Leaders?

January 17th, 2016

Case_Study1st CASE: The Power Of Quiet

  1. (Question 5-19.)    Are you more of an introverted or extroverted leader? What can you do to
    leverage your personality to be a more effective leader?
  2. Question 5-20.       Would you prefer to be more introverted, or more extroverted, than you are? Why?
  3. Question 5-21.      Do you agree with Cain’s arguments? Why or why not?

Read more…

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Hispanic Buying Power In the United States

January 10th, 2016


The U.S. Hispanic Buying Power is $1.7 billion!–Larger than the Gross Domestic Product of Mexico! The U.S. Hispanic Market buying power make it one of the top twenty economies in the world. What is exiting about it is that marketers can tap into this growing profitable market.

New York is the epi-center between Americans and Latin America. A spurt in the number of Hispanic New Yorkers helped push the city’s population to nearly 8.4 million last year making it the number one center of Latino US population—followed by Los Angeles, CA with 3.8 million, Chicago with 2.9 million and so on. Miami, you would be surprised, is not at the top of the leading population centers. 46.9 Million is the total Hispanic US population, making it the largest ethnic group in the U.S.—and, as of 2009, it ranks 2nd in size of the U.S. Hispanic population, worldwide.

Read more…

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Cross Functional SEO

January 8th, 2016

By Mary,

Marketing, as a discipline, is a cross-functional activity that relies heavily on developing links with other departments within the organization in order to be successful. So there is not surprise that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by its very nature, affects many silos beyond its own in that cross functional SEO alignment is necessary and part of having a T-Shaped Web Marketing Skill Set –A concept championed by global design consultancy IDEO’s Tim Brown.


So how do we go about improving alignments with other areas where SEO touches?

SEO requires the collaboration of many individuals and/or departments in order to achieve success. For many SEOs this creates a challenge in that it is not always possible.  Lets take a look at the infographic below with s a very basic list, since we all know there are deeper relationships. Read more…

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Social networks that provide free training and certifications

January 3rd, 2016

certificationsSocial networks that provide free training and certifications, so you can enhance your skills and or added an extra to your CV/ resume:

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2006 SEO Tools That Will Make Your Work Easier This Year

January 2nd, 2016

Definitely this new year there are going to be many analytics, reporting, and tracking tools available that can make accessing your reports fasters and efficiently.


DashThis Board

  1. DashThis. This tool is by far one of my favorites from last year and just getting better this year. DashThis for integrated Reporting Dashboards, and it works as good as it used to with Google Analytics with Apps Script on Google Docs. Dashthis supports Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Moz, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords, Mailchimp, ComScore.
  2. HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.
  3. Buffer: This tool is like hootsuite. It lets you add content, and then easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. I recommend you customize your message for each social network, not just post the same message to all of your accounts. Make sure to speak the language of the social network you are participating in, that creates a  long lasting relationship that you eventually can monetized.

Read more…

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