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Google’s Digital Analytics Free Training. Grow Your Site’s Traffic Through Data


Google analytics Academy provides a fantastic free training of Analtyics fundamentals. This is good for any business owner or as a crash course. The online video courses teach you how measure a website’s matrix, set up conditions to monitor elements on you site (traffic, conversion, tagging, filters, social media, and more) through marketing methods such as conversion funnels. It covers site property growth measurement and the proper use of its reporting tools,  as well as how to use analytics data to make important decisions about creating conversion plans.  In addition, you can join the Google Analytics learning community and talk to industry experts.

Here is the first introduction video, and bellow you will find the entire course outline from Google Analytics’ courses provided by Google Academy.

Google link: Google Analytics Fundamentals from @digitalscrm on Twitter

As a digital manager or business owner it is recommended to have understanding analytics tools in order to get the answers you seek. Like where does my traffic comes from, or why this product doesn’t sell, is it the landing page? is it the load time? is the message of the ad property or am i targeting the right audience/ personas . If you do not have time, then it might be time to hired someone that masters analytics and data, so you can take advantage of the wealth of information that analytics can provide to you, therefore, profit and grow your business from it.

Important: Even if you hired an data/analytics experts you still need to learn the basics, so you can make en informed decision of who to hire and how to work with your business data.

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For more Google Academy traning on other digital fields check their home page or click the categories below:

Analytics Academy Courses

Digital Analytics Fundamentals

Learn the core principles of digital analytics including how to create a Google Analytics account, collect data, and navigate reports.

Google Analytics Platform Principles

Learn how the Google Analytics Platform collects, configures, and processes the business data you need for reporting and analysis.

Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions

Discover how to use Enhanced Ecommerce reports in Google Analytics to make informed ecommerce business decisions.

Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals

Learn how to use Google Analytics to attract new users to your mobile app and increase revenue.

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Discover how Google Tag Manager can simplify the tag implementation and management process for marketers, analysts, and developers.


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