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Capitalizing Your Marketing Strategy’s Measurements


What is digital marketing strategy?

A strategy is the set of activities you organize to achieve a specific goal. Lets, for example, think of what strategy you will use for your commercial facebook page. It can be short and specific, or long-term with a series of campaigns and objectives.

Elements of a Strategy

  • Mission: The overall impact your organization is trying to make.
  • Goals: What you want to achieve through your Page to support your mission.
  • Target Audience: The types of people you aim to reach with this campaign.
  • Content: The stories and visuals you’ll use to engage people.
  •  The metrics you’ll track to determine your campaign’s success.

Let’s break it down quickly:

  • Mission/ Goals read S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Your campaign should relate to your overall mission. What needs to be done to support or enhance that mission? How could a campaign on Facebook help achieve your program’s objectives? Starting with a list of ideas will help you choose a campaign goal or goals that are best suited for your business.Target audience you can read more on my post about Creating Personas, and read the chart below about product funnel.
  • Content: Well, we all can get great information from
  • But Let’s get to the gut of your strategy: measurementI cannot begin to tell you how many times clients, and even colleges of mine, fail to focus on making sure that whoever goal(short or long-term) and objectives they set up to do, it needs to be measured. The way this work is that when the time comes to write down objectives and goals, we forget to make sure these are S.M.A.R.T. Goals. This way, the goals are actionable and easy to measure.

Measurement: What metrics will you measure to determine your campaign’s success?

A campaign’s success is determined by how well it’s achieving its outlined objectives. The results you measure should be tied to your campaign goals. It’s important to think through what metrics to measure and how you’ll track them. For example:

  • Reach: How many people see your posts
  • Engagement: How many people like, comment on, share or view your posts and videos
  • Conversion: How many people take an action, such as share, sign up, visit your website, attend an event or donate. For Paid, how many people click etc.

KIP Templates

KPIs can measure: Key performance indicators of Sales, SaaS, Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Financial, Supply Chain and even Call center and retail. You don’t need to start from scratch there are companies like Klipfolio that has pre-designed KPIs templates ready for all types of areas.

So start with their templates, having your goals, and personas (target market) in place. Then is up to you to customize it by creating your own spreadsheets, or by or scale it. — Whatever method or tool you take on, always think, “measurement.”

Product funnel

Don’t forget to measure each goal based on the product funnel. Ask yourself: What stage is my product at right now? Do customers know your brand? Or this is a new product or service. Always use the funnel to guide you before you set up goals.


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