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Baidu follows US tech giants and opens Artificial Intelligence Tools


Baido has opened a machine learning tools to the Internet’s AI community following in the steps of other Microsoft, google and facebook.

The Search AI tool is called PaddlePaddle is now open source. Baidu says that the advantages the tool has over its western rival is its simplicity, calming that is more approachable for new comers.

Xu Wei, leader of the PaddlePaddle development team said that before wide adoption of the product can happened engineers and developers need to have an easy to use framework. Adding that an example of this its its kit tool machine translation which requires less than 25 percents of the coding of its rivals.

Called Baidu Venture, the new company will focus on early-stage projects in artificial intelligence and other next-generation technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, according to a statement from Nasdaq-listed Baidu.

In the recent Baidu World Conference, which is the company’s annual biggest event to showcase its latest technology, Li again stressed the importance of AI.

“Artificial intelligence is the next big development in the internet industry, which is the core of Baidu. We have made a great effort in developing this technology over the past five to six years,” he said.

Many of the areas Baidu is betting on, such as driverless car and Duer, a Siri-like voice assistant, all depend on the development of AI.



The move by tech companies who make complex IA programs available to the public is to shape the development of a rapidly growing field while still allowing the firm’s to find new talents.

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