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Five Examples of Social Media Campaigns Guerrilla Style


Guerrilla Social Media is a social media campaign that creates a voice-of-mouth campaign that is meant to be very innovative and unconventional; aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

How do you know you’ve been successful on your social media campaign?

When at least you’ve increased “engagement” and at best when your hashtag or product is trending. Trending is any social media marketer dream. It doesn’t take a huge corporation to achieve it; I have seen many small guys achieving it too.


  1. You create the social media campaign
  2. You create a guerrilla campaign that will allow people to share it on social mediaNOTE: Do never forget to include a hashtag to identify the campaign and track results on google analytics.

EXAMPLE 1:  The brand: PwC

Their guerrilla social media won them a Shorty Award for best use of social media in B2B marketing?

PwC usually doesn’t come to mind when thinking of the best in social marketing, but their #BallotBriefcase campaign is an interesting case. The financial firm wanted to raise awareness of their 82-year involvement in the Academy Award’s ceremony and reposition the brand to appeal to a younger talent demographic.

EXAMPLE 2:  King Kong 3D

This guerrilla marketing campaign for King Kong 3D had people snapping photos and sharing their experiences on social media. When creating these type of public display, don’t forget to include that hashtag you would like users to include on other non snapchat platforms like twitter and instragram.  Example: #kingkong


EXAMPLE 3: Flash mobs T-Mobile Dance


Airline: WestJet flash mob


Ex Machina on Tinder

Campaign designed for those who attended the SXSW festival back in March. This was a campaign quickly went viral on multiple social media platforms. A robot generated woman that sounded as the woman from the movie Ex Machina, began interacting with people on Tinder and then it spread out like wildfire.

Oreo Cookies & the Super Bowl

On very rare occasion, one company can make headlines like Oreo Cookies did during the Super Bowl—- who’s online advertising agency (360i) seeks the up-to-the-minute opportunity to post an ad. Pure guerrilla style.

In 2013, at about 8PM, the Super Bowl had an electrical relay device malfunction, causing a blackout and living TV viewers in the dark. Immediately, Oreo Cookies posted this ad:

When the Superdome went dark, people went to Twitter to seek out information, and Twitter comes out with funny tweets. Oreo made its mark with this commercial. Oreo to associate the dunkable treat with one of the biggest sports events of the year. The result was a sweet, positive dispatch that went viral across social media — more than 15,000 retweets and 20,000 Facebook likes — with a message that reminded everyone that Oreo is a great comfort food.

As you can see, some of these tactics vary in terms of medium and budget, there are tons of way to utilized images and video in your guerrilla marketing efforts. You can take your brand or product to the streets and let the imagination guide you.

Last tip: There is a photography technique called COMPOSITE PHOTOGRAPHIC, and that is a great way to start your Digital Guerrilla Marketing, now 🙂 I leave this post with a couple of very cool composite photography.

Composite Photography
For Social Media Guerrilla Marketing 

BRAND: 365
I photographed and composed this image to promote the brand 365 on social media.
As you can see, it looks like it is taken with a mobile phone, so it caught the attention on social media due to the odd and unique approach.


As simple as imposing to images in one with a bit of transparency.




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