The Psychological Difference Between Repeat Purchase & Brand Loyalty

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Explaining the psychological difference between repeat purchase and brand loyalty. When consumers become committed to a brand and make repeat purchases over time, they are brand Loyalty customers. This phenomenon is a result of consumer behavior and is affected by a person’s preferences. Loyal customers will consistently purchase products from their preferred brands, regardless of convenience Read More

Instagram Envy

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What would social media be if you couldn’t know what your friend had for breakfast? Specifically, a photograph of french toast and an English muffin, selectively filtered, carefully cropped and hashtagged “#riseandshine,” for your viewing pleasure. Aesthetically, your simple bowl of cereal on that same morning does not compare to the snapshot of a sophisticated Read More


Increasing Your CRO With Twitter’s Followers Demographics’ Data

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So you have at least 500  to 5000 followers subscribed to your twitter account, but you want to know who your followers are, this way you can target certain campaigns or initiatives to your buyer persona. Having relevant followers who like, retweet, comment  and believe in your brand or product is one of the most Read More

15 SEO Worst Enemies

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By Mary, You’ve landed a small business or startup client, and began developing your SEO strategy. Despite the potential you see in the client’s site (product or service) to leverage a great SEO campaign, soon you realize nothing is getting done because your client has accidentally turn him or herself into the SEO project’s worse Read More

Cross Functional SEO

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By Mary, Marketing, as a discipline, is a cross-functional activity that relies heavily on developing links with other departments within the organization in order to be successful. So there is not surprise that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by its very nature, affects many silos beyond its own in that cross-functional SEO alignment is necessary and Read More

2016 SEO Tools That Will Make Your Work Easier This Year

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Definitely this new year there are going to be many analytics, reporting, and tracking tools available that can make accessing your reports fasters and efficiently. DashThis. This tool is by far one of my favorites from last year and just getting better this year. DashThis for integrated Reporting Dashboards, and it works as good as Read More

Why teams Go Bad? Groupthink SEO a Team Norm That Contaminates Teams

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By Mary, When a decision needs to be made by a team or group on  how to develop a Integrated Online Marketing plan, an SEO project chatter, or a social media  creative brief,  sometimes the best and most effective idea within the group is not implemented. The reason this happens is because a group could be  contaminated Read More

Here Is The First Ibero-American Map of Social Networks

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Here is the first Ibero-American map of social networks. This map was created to provide the fullest possible information on major social networks Latin America. Created by iRedes in Spain developed by Chiquite Esteban, director of Nuevas Narratives of, an online publishing company in Spain.With documentation of Miguel Jorge , journalist and author Read More

How to Track Phone Calls Coming From Your Ad Campaigns

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. By Mary, There has been several times where I ran online campaings for clients whos main converstion goal is to generate phone calls. This poses a problem for many business owners becuase of the lack of tracking ability. One way around this is to assign unique phone numbers to specific online traffic sources (e.g. Read More

Five Social Media Analytics tools for Measuring Social Media Impact

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Social media has become an essential part of any digital marketing initiative. Companies are discovering the importance of having a vital reputation and social presence online. As more and more social outlets appear online, it is of imperative importance to have a well-designed social media plan that includes a follow-up phase. Part of that plan is to put in place a tracking mechanism to measure your social media effectiveness and Read More

Google Explains Social Links Are Better Than Link Building.

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By Mary, Recently, Google explained to digital marketers that links coming from social media like macroblogging, digg, youtube, facebook, etc., count as an important factor for website ranking. Google describes how links that come naturally from viral word of mouth, on the basis of the merit (people linking to a website because they genuinely like Read More

How to Get YouTube Video on Google Organic Search & Optimize It.

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Having a video showing up on Google organic is not the result of  the usual application of SEO strategies. This is because a video on Google organic comes from a well coordinated plan of  SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (vital marketing) strategies. This is call SMM (Social Media Marketing), Not SEO. Video Marketing is a whole different ball game. Very often, Search Read More