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How to Track Phone Calls Coming From Your Ad Campaigns


By Mary,

There has been several times where I ran online campaings for clients whos main converstion goal is to generate phone calls. This poses a problem for many business owners becuase of the lack of tracking ability.

One way around this is to assign unique phone numbers to specific online traffic sources (e.g. PPC, SEO, keywords, domains, ads, emails) to track conversions. There are two tools you can use for this:

1. Google Voice

Google Voice lets you create free multiple phone numbers within any area code in the country (only available in U.S.). You can attach each number to specific campaigns. With Google Voice you can  to track how many phone calls an specific  ad is generating. Each phone number gets forwarded to any phone you may choose. It saves voice online with the ability to listen in on messages while they’re being left. Another cool feature is that It transcribes your voicemail to text, so you can monitor your sales force.

Here are  some other aditional things you can do with Google Voice:
  1. Read transcriptions of voicemails. Watch a video »
  2. Customize which phones ring. Watch a video »
  3. Personalize greetings for different callers. Watch a video »
  4. Make cheap international calls. Watch a video »
  5. Forward SMS to email. Watch a video »
  6. Share voicemails with friends. Watch a video »
  7. Block unwanted callers. Watch a video »
  8. Screen callers before answering. Watch a video »
  9. Access the mobile app on your phone. Watch a video »
  10. Conference call with co-workers. Watch a video »
You can see all these videos at

2. ifbyphone

ifbyphone is a tracking software that comes with 1800 toll free numbers. It allows you to track calls in four ways:

SourceTrak Basic

SourceTrak Dynamic

SourceTrak Dynamic Groups

SourceTrak Session

This last option is not free, but is an excellent tool.

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