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2016 SEO Tools That Will Make Your Work Easier This Year


Definitely this new year there are going to be many analytics, reporting, and tracking tools available that can make accessing your reports fasters and efficiently.

DashThis Board
    1. DashThis. This tool is by far one of my favorites from last year and just getting better this year. DashThis for integrated Reporting Dashboards, and it works as good as it used to with Google Analytics with Apps Script on Google Docs. Dashthis supports Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Moz, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords, Mailchimp, ComScore.
    2. HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.
    3. Buffer: This tool is like hootsuite. It lets you add content, and then easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. I recommend you customize your message for each social network, not just post the same message to all of your accounts. Make sure to speak the language of the social network you are participating in, that creates a  long lasting relationship that you eventually can monetized.


4. International SEO tool that tracks data from many countries: SimilarWeb tool helps you speed up in the first stage of your SEO activity of obtain the traffic data for any industry in any country. It shows traffic source, site popularity per channel and trends. It is important that you take these numbers as references not absolutes and always  validate this with other data sources.SimilarWeb



5. Intelligence suite keyword tool for online marketing platform: This tool has been around for quite a while, but every year new updates are added to it. Definitive one of the favorites for digital marketing professionals and agencies. This is an intelligence suite tool for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research.



6. All Integrated Marketing Tools In One Dashboard:  This tool helps you manage each stage of the customer journey: Attack (inbound and outbound emails with list segmentation), SEO Reports, Landing pages design with  SEO customization. It also allow you to connect adwords to the ACT ON platform. ACT-ON provides social media push content via linkedin, twitter, facebook and the like, and has planing capabilities via calendar setting dates and times, monitor conversations based on keywords and so on. It contains a content marketing command center with a media library to store infographics and other text content. Plus, you can have Webix webminars right from the platform.

CAPTURE: provides forms and landing pages allowing you to generate A/B landing page testing and build databases and use integrated integrated information NURTURING: plan interaction pathways based on behavior and preferences, messages tailored to specific messages, email automization that allows organizing your segments and generate leads for unselling and cros-selling by listening to feedback and allows customized reports via funnel giving you actionable metrics.. follow the customer life cycle.

ACTON acton2


7. Marketo:  this is a B2B and B2C Marketing  Real time personalization Software.  It allows you to crate webminars for your business clients and generate leads that can be customized via their integrated mass email technology. It aids marketers with creating strategic programs that can be put into one platform. Marketo handles inbound, social lead generation, host webminars events, landing pages and forms, CRM, and analytics See free video demos.

Collecting, searching, finding, extrapolating and curating keywords are an arduous task, so part of your SEO process is to find ways to collect keywords by establishing profitable yet still feasible goals: a) know what to look for, and b) know how to look for is the key. Today, there are many keyword tools that help you automated this process.  Sistrix‘s “Opportunity Feature” you can include a list of your competitors, and it will show which keywords you’re still not targeting and the level of traffic and competition.


Performing a FT-IDF Analysis of the top ranked pages for any query. Normally the FT_IDF tool has been used to index pages, but it also has a feature that it identifies relevant term variances of topics or themes.

TF-IDF stands for “term frequency” and “inverse document frequency.” According to the OnPageWiki:

With the TF*IDF formula, you can identify in which proportion certain words within a text document or website are weighted compared to all potentially possible documents. Apart from the keyword density, this formula can be used for OnPage optimisation in order to increase a website’s relevance in search engines. includes a  TF-IDF tool  within their on-page analysis and monitoring platform.


  • Inbound link Anchor Text Analyzer
    This tool determines the inbound link traffic to your website, including the link text used by the inbound links, also called backlinks, this way you can determine which keywords used within your links are bringing most traffic.
  • Inbound Link Builder
    Link building even though is declining still one of the main factors google looks at when it comes to ranking your site, so making sure these back links are of quality is a most.

    • Basically make sure the link you or someone places on about you (and back to your site) comes from the following:
    • Relevant to your service or complementary to your business. In other words, if you sell women hair products, you wont want a link of your site to be posted on office supply website
    • Websites with high authority score very high on Google, for example: Well known publishing sites like Forbes magazine or The University of UCLA. These site has been stablished is sources of high importance and content.
    • Stay away from “Black Ha SEO” practices you don’t want a link to your site being placed in sites that have been blacklisted by Google (and other engines) as spammy, low quality or illegal
    • To learn more about how to build high-quility backlinks, Brian Dean explains it very well in his website.


oneQube will continue to be the new hot tool in 2016. It is more than smartstream, it uses a framework known as Jigsaw, inheritance is understood to be an essential linguistic mechanism for module manipulation.
It is an audience management tool with content curation, filters, in-depth audience analytics, and measurement graphs in customizable dashboards. It allows you to easily target, build, mange and engage your social audience. Two things that I like about this tool are the following: a) it comes with a bundle, so you are not alone at the first stage of the process; oneQube has specialists available that can help you build your ideal target audience, and b) OneQube offers free case studies and white papers.


Social networks that provide free training and certifications:

learn social media and get certify

Free Seminars

Hubspot academy (learning and certification):

Adwords (learn and certification) This one I’m a little bit disappointed. Years ago, when i took my Adwords certification there were videos and quizzes at the end. It was very interactive and effective. Now, you need to go through it with text, dont get me wrong is not about not wanting to read, but how do you explain complex items on Google Adwords with text? Hope Google step up their game and give their upcoming students a better training course–but none the less is free.


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  1. Nicely done. Has anyone used a competitor Tracker Tool? Any experiences?

  2. I didn’t know about some of these tools. I wonder if they have one for free keyword reach.

  3. This is a great list of tools, will get be testing these soon. Thanks!

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