What causes job satisfaction?

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For most people, is it the monetary compensation or the work itself more important? Job satisfaction attempts to measure how employees feel about the organization’s expectations, rewards practices, values and the like. Job satisfaction refers to how well a job provides fulfillment of a need or want to employees as a source of enjoyment. Normally, […]

SEO Process Then and Now- Summary

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By Mary | Senior Integrated Search Specialist Each website is unique in that each campaign is customized depending on the client’s objectives. Summary: Changes in the SEO ecosystem is far more than just the typical keyword research and link building. The problems from the past included not having done a thorough market research, the competitive research […]

Research and Discussion of Legislative Lobbying for Net Neutrality That Has Occurred In the Last 12 Years.

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The FCC winning on net neutrality or as others like to call it the “open internet”, is the biggest victory for the public interest in the agency’s history, especially for vacating portions of previous orders. Title II reclassification is the major winner here because it removes cable or ISP provides from being classified as an […]

Sample of an SEO Marketing Communication’s Objectives

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Template Setting objectives facilitates the coordination of the various groups working on the advertising or marketing campaign.  Many problems can be avoided if all parties have written, approved objectives to guide their actions and serve as a common base for discussing issues related to the promotional program. So what is the difference between Marketing Communications […]

SEO Marketing Mix (Four Ps)

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Part of a Digital or SEO marketing plan is the combination of the 4 Ps of marketing into a well planned strategy to bring their products to market. Each one of them, product, price, promotion and place of distribution has been carefully thought out and leveraged to achieve maximum advantage over their competitors. Products: Google […]

Super Bolw Ads and Social Media

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What did advertisers do to hit the social media masses? In my personal take, social media on its own doesn’t work if it is not combined with other media outlets. I think a great advertising campaign is the one that integrates several outlets and hits all angles at once across the board (Social media, TV, Print […]

Opportunity Analysis- First Step of your SEO Product Plan (download template)

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By Mary, The first formal planning step when starting up a business, is to do an opportunity analysis by performing the following steps: Assessment of the opportunity Assessment of the entrepreneur (you) Specification of activities and resources needed to translate your idea into a viable business Source (or sources) of capital. The opportunity analyses focuses […]

Marketo B2B Marketing Cheat Sheets for Markers

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Marketo has created a series of B2B Marketing Cheat Sheets tailor-made for B2B marketing professionals as a quick reference of topics including Social Media, Online Marketing, Marketing, twitter and facebook tips, marketing automation, lead scoring, lead nurturing and much more. They are not promotional materials but in fact educational to help enhance your education on […]

Servidor Dinámico Mejora SEO Móvil

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Los dueños de negocios utilizan una variedad de estrategias de marketing móvil para atraer a los consumidores de hoy. No hay duda de que los compradores utilizan sus teléfonos inteligentes para realizar una investigación preliminar sobre los productos y servicios que se pueden adquirir, y los webmasters necesitan desarrollar sitios móviles que se carguen rápidamente, […]

How to design a mobile website in Joomla

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One of the most common questions I get from my Joomla training students now is: “how do I make my Joomla site ready for mobile phones?” There are two different paths to do this and the choice depends largely on whether you have a template or not. 1) Template Frameworks: If you’re looking for a […]