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SEO Process Then and Now- Summary


By Mary | Senior Integrated Search Specialist

Each website is unique in that each campaign is customized depending on the client’s objectives.


Changes in the SEO ecosystem is far more than just the typical keyword research and link building. The problems from the past included not having done a thorough market research, the competitive research was some how based on ranking and the like. My approach is both technical SEO, but as well, “market oriented.”
With the introduction of semantic web (read my blog), personalized search, social and mobile, the SEO process requires well-stablished communication objectives.

Overall plan for new products or established websites:

– I start with an Opportunity Analysis (read my blog) – Set up clear objectives (read my blog): what is the propose of the site? what is the conversation goal and target audience?

– Technical SEO (elements on a webpage): Find unique value (USP), Keyword target (does the the campaign need to target a single type of searcher for a specific product or does it branche to other products and other markets.

– Build links, relevance, and brand through social networks (PR as well): does the site need to be multi-device ready?, optimize the page for crawling (URL, content loads, keywords (this technique is not dead despite Google’s efforts to move towards entity search–things, not strings“ keywords is likely to continue to be valuable), internal links; are there 301s?, meta robots, etc).

Side note: I’m a fan of social video as well (I can produce, edit and promote video online)- See one of my demos:

– Landing page A/B testing for PPC and for targeted campaigns

– Analytics tools: Google Analytics: What conversations are going to be tracked
– TOOLS: I use several key tools to help me along with the process: Moz tools (to create an SEO Dashboard and matrix- MozScape Data), SEMrush, hootsuite, SpyFu, and other.

I will be posting a list of the best SEO, SOCIAL Tools later on.
This is just a rough draft of the SEO process. Once an account is started with a new client, this process can be quite extensive and different for each account.
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