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Who killed the Matte Screen ?–PCs, Labtops, notebooks.


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I have worked in the Advertising and Online technology field for many years, and one thing I know is that if you really know how pitch a product the to the consumer, you would probably be able to sell them almost anything. And this is the case of the new glossy screens we’ve all seen in new laptops and computer screens.

Not sure if you have noticed, but now at days there are more and more computers with this GLOSSY SCREENS which are quite bothersome when it comes to working with them. These super reflecting glossy screens don’t allow clear visibility when exposed to outdoor or indoor light. The reflection is very annoying. In contrast, Matte screens are opaque, they don’t reflect absolutely anything.


(go to the second page to see a comparison between matte screen and glossy ones).



To any person with a common sense, it is so obvious that the difference in visibility and material quality (im not saying resolution–i’ll explain latter the difference) between gloss and matte is huge. For starters, a glossy screen blurs visibility because the screen reflect absolutely everything in front of it- regardless if you are outside (the sun) or inside (light from lamps etc). Not only this glossy screens reflect shinny light–making reading or working with close to impossible–you also see things that are behind you, people walking, objects, etc. Very bothersome. The only function I do find useful on a glossy screen is if i want to fix my hair or apply lip gloss, since you would be able to see a clear reflection of your face… because the screen is almost like a mirror (scroll down to see pic bellow).

The True Behind Glossy.
So here is the true, now that we know that matte screens are way better in terms glare reflection than Glossy ones, why then computer companies continue to make and put these horrible computer screens out in the market? The answer is.. you guess it.. profit. The Glossy screens are cheaper to make– an statement I got from the
Circuit City (rest in peace) Computer expert guy. And also becuase people keep buying them, due to the lack of better options and most of all,  lack if correct and better information.

IPOD-LOOKING SCREEN? some other companies are trying to use the fashionable iPod glossy screen to compare with the laptop screens as A NEW TECHNOLOGY or FASHION STATEMENT.
On the practical side, iPod glossy screen is fine, the screen reflection can be killed with the shadow of your own hand. NOT LAPTOPS!… so it is not the same. Talking about media brain wash. Some people actually ok with the glossy screen–even if they can’t see well–thinking they are cool for having the latest in PCs.. That is what they want you to believe.

So, are computer newbies soo naive that they will buy glossy compute screens knowing its glare and reflection will bother them? The answer is not as much as we would like to think so. Then why people keep buying them?. The answer is because their lack of options and lack of clear information. The way computer companies are getting away with this switch–from matte to glossy– is by turning the focus away from the glossy screen to the high quality resolution in monitors–and make it sound like glossy equals quiality. In other words, new monitors have better resolution than old ones, but what consumers don’t know is that high resolution has nothing to do with the GLOSSY. Some people think that Glossy means getting a high resolution screen…This is absolutely false!. Mate or Glossy–doesn’t matter—consumers get the same high resolution. And also the true is that consumers do have the option to request to the store or merchant to sale them the MATTE version –and no resolution is lost on the choice of screen. In fact, if any, with a matte screen you win better visibility, so this way you can appreciate your high resolution screen because matte allow better visibility.

Again GLOSSY SCREENS has nothing to do with better screen resolution, but some companies have allow this disinformation to go on so consumers think their cheap glossy screens mean higher quality.

What is glossy? The technical term is CrystalBrite LCD — now the high resolution technology is here and better. But this doesn’t mean the screen has to be cover with glossy material. And by the way, I wonder what the deal is with putting the crystal adjective right next(attached) to Brite.. Is this brite for Bright? As an advertiser myself, I would said, you got that right. This switch of names in Advertising is call bait or fallacy. In a subjective way they are saying that screen you are about to purchase is Crystal clear resolution and because is high resolution is why of the BRIGHT Glossy Screen. Crystal also could mean looks like water and Glossy looks like water. A false illusion of you getting a better product… I mean if they want to use the right terminology of LCD then use LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY), and i dont see anywhere where it says, LCGD) (liquid crystal Glossy Display). LOL. CrystalBrite LCD.. as if the word Crystal would cancel out the fact that the screen is BRITE– super-bright-shinny light projection screen, so bright that you wont be able to see clear at all. LOL.

For instance, acer new line of mini laptops call Acer Aspire One, which by the way the actual notebook is pretty good, come with Glossy screen. I got one of them (which i plan to return because I’m not able to see anything when I’m at the office or out doors). This laptop will be perfect if it came in MATTE screens. NO matter how many places i search i wasn’t able to find a matte version. Also one thing i noticed, other online merchants hide the fact that the screen is soo glossy that they rather use pictures where the Glossy is hided it (i call this disguised). Come on!! That tells us that even retailers believe matte is better than glossy; otherwise, why disguises the glossy screen as mate?

THis link for example on amazon. They dont even want to show the acer mini GLOSSY screen:

At walmart i found this pic from the acer mini and the screen is disguised as Matte:
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
WHEN IN REALITY That’s how glossy the screen is!!

Here is a perfect example of two laptop screens. On your left is acer mini with GLOSSY screen and on the right is another laptop with MATTE screen. Notice how you clearly see the reflection on the Glossy screen and none on the matte one. Take in consideration that this person shot this with very low light.

This is how the acer screens look like

But let me stop here and let you be the judge of it. What is your opinion on this subject–now that you know Glossy doesn’t mean higher quiality screen. What do you prefer? Glossy or Matte screens?

You have already bought a laptop or monitor with glossy reflective screen. Here are a few links of solutions or ideas of unsatisfied people:

Screen cover to change glossy to matte:
ACER: They dont make the mini laptops on MATTE or any of their laptops.
I after serveral phone calls to retailers, I got a hold of Acer pre sales tech support (the only department that will answer, but it doesn’t work, you have to play with their phone system to get to a live person.
Here is forum of people who give their opinions about glossy screen
These are people who had the chance to test between the two of them and preferred matte.

Dell Vostro 1700 truelife vs matte screen

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