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Google launches SECURE Google Search. Just add an S to the HTTP (httpS://…)


Google has announced that it is now offering privacy-friendly SSL encryption on its search engine, becoming the first major company to offer the protection.

For now you can log into the more secure Google SSL Beta service at  The “S” is critical, indicating you are connecting to Google’s server through the HTTPS protocol, rather than the usual HTTP. The “S” stands for secure.  It means the data flowing on the network between your computer and Google’s servers is scrambled and can’t easily be intercepted and read.  HTTPS is the usual protocol used automatically when connecting to such things as bank Websites  and other Web pages were sensitive financial information is entered.

It’s also important do understand that the new service does not change the information you share with Google.  The Internet giant continues to gather that and do everything it has always done so it can serve you up to advertisers.  However, HTTPS makes it extremely difficult for anyone between you and Google to snoop on what you are doing.

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