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20 Ideas for when you want to tweet but don’t feel inspired.


By Mary,

Sometimes you may want to write a tweet just to remember you’re there, create a conversation or simply entertain, but you do not have inspiration at that current moment.. I share a list of 20 possible topics that may help you break the ice when you’re not inspired:

  1. Tell a story.
  2. Talk  about the weather (typical life also 1.0 ).
  3. Complain about something, but beware, it is not advisable to be a whiner.
  4. Use a sense of humor,  tell a  joke,  or to comment about something ironic.
  5. Read what others write and talk to them.
  6. Comment on what’s currently happening on television, radio, etc.
  7. Look at the trending topics. Then you’ll see what is been talked about  today and you can get and idea to talk about.
  8. Ask a question that interests you to solve. It is even better to or Wikipedia.
  9. Take a survey for something in particular (use tools for online surveys).
  10. Talk about today news, blogs, etc…
  11. Share links.
  12. Good morning / good afternoon / evening.
  13. Share something fun that is happening in your home town or naighborhood
  14. Talk about a topic that you’re are most knowledgeable about. Say movies or Web design.
  15. Talk about your favorite bands, your favorite gadgets, etc..
  16. Re-tweet something interesting and give your opinion.
  17. Send a picture, video, etc.
  18. Share what you hear on Facebook fan groups.
  19. Discover someone new and interesting to follow openly, and put it as (following …).
  20. Comment on your favorite Twitter application.
Above all, it is always advisable not to force your opinion on Tweeter. It always the best approach to let people see that you-re being yourself.
Of course it is an open list, I would love for you guys to contribute more themes in the comments area. Thank you very much.
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