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Setting objectives facilitates the coordination of the various groups working on the advertising or marketing campaign.  Many problems can be avoided if all parties have written, approved objectives to guide their actions and serve as a common base for discussing issues related to the promotional program.

So what is the difference between Marketing Communications Objectives and Marketing Objectives?


Marketing Objectives are generally stated and created in the marketing plan while Communications Objectives derived from the marketing plan but are more narrow in scope than the Marketing objectives, and it is based on a particular communications task only and focus on an specific message to an specific audience.

In here we examine the nature and purpose of objects and the role they play in guiding the development, implementation, and evaluation of an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program. The value of setting objectives include the following:

1. Communications – setting objectives facilitates the coordination of the various groups working on the campaign.  Many problems can be avoided if all parties have written, approved objectives to guide their actions and serve as a common base for discussing issues related to the promotional program.
2. Planning and decision-making – specific promotional objectives guide the development of the integrated marketing communications plan.  Objectives also guide decisions regarding strategic and tactical issues, such as creative options, media selection, and budget allocation. Choices should be made based on how well a particular strategy matches the firm’s promotional objectives.
3. Measurement and control – objectives provide a benchmark against which the success or failure of the promotional campaign can be measured. Most organizations are concerned about the return on their promotional investment; comparing actual performance against measurable objectives is the best way to determine if the return justifies the expense.

Good objectives should have the following characteristics: specific, measurablequantifiable (delineates target market and notes time frame), realistic, and attainable.


Using Honda as an example below see the template:

Using Honda’s Commercial lets see how we write the communication’s objective(s). Of course, in a real world scenario where you work for a marketing or ad agency, you would write objectives first. Then the Creative Brief (with the objectives in it), and the commercial would be the end result.

TV Commercial:

Objective: Message Emphasis on emotional connections.
To illustrate costumers Honda is a true friend who cares and knows their customers very well– in every aspect of their lives. Main objective: Sale Honda Accord and gain loyal-base of customers.

On a Very Personal Level
The main phrase really makes an impact. With the quote,” It all starts with you,” it immediately grabs the viewer attention on a very personal level. It attempts to express how well they know their consumers. Honda relies on touting features and attributes of its Honda Accord car and does so by connecting those to a realm of consume emotions through audio, great narrative, and good video images.


The ad starts with “You, we know you.” It lists all the everyday mundane, but yet very private situations people get into. The commercial shows very vividly and graphically consumer’s weakness, stress and every day problems, but Honda says between the lines “it is OK, we understand you and accept you because we are your friend.”


The commercial managed to successfully grabbed the very essence of the family life. It shows kids, pets; but most importantly there is a scene in where it shows one of people’s most intimate moments: Themselves at the center of the story; Individuals alone in their cars trying to catch a break (read, sleep, etc). Honda is saying, “we know how your life is and we care.” Hence, Honda accord matches your needs.


In the TV commercial there is one scene where Honda shows one of Honda Accord’s unique selling proposition, the technology feature of tracking when the vision of the driver wonders off. Then the car alerts the driver to pay attention to the road. The list of reasons explaining why Honda goes out of their way to keep people save is very well done. Honda explains people do get tire and could wonder around, but is ok–Honda has peoples back. Honda save saves lives.

Conclusion: The mean central story is how people live part of their lives with their cars, as if the cars are part of the family. Honda uses DAGMAR’s model very successfully with this commercial.

Although I don’t have the data of how many cars it sold in result of this particular commercial, it definitively applied a) Awareness: by making it personal to the consumer, b) Comprehension: It developed a good message explaining what the product is and what it can deliver to the consumer, and c) it delivered Conviction by developing a mental disposition so the consumer feels inclined to buy the Honda Accord (the product). Honda deliver a strong message letting them know that understands its customers, attends to their needs, and can help them to be save even when they are distracted.



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