How to download someone else’s Instagram LIVE story?

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  • I did it, but with a hack, on the computer.
  • First, you have to access the 24-hour live video (story). I installed an extension (plugin) for Chrome that allows you not only to see stories but saved live 24h live streams. To access the stream, just first search the person’s name, and then you will see his or her stories, but on the left, you will see the name, so double click the name, and the recorded live video stream will play.
    PLUGIN: is called Chrome IG Story

  • I captured screen with screenCast Matic free software (or with another one you like), so so I got the video, but it comes with low-quality audio because the audio is picked up from the mic at the time of recording the Instagram 24 hour live story (video stream).
  • Once you have your video, then we move on into recording the audio directly from the computer by using this amazing trick I found on youtube

  • Lastly, bring video into iMovie (for Mac) or Window Movie Maker, and split the video’s original audio, then delete that track. Then import the track that was recorded from the computer.
  • All you need is to synchronize the audio with the video, and it is not as hard as it sounds. I did it in about 3 min.
  • Save and enjoy! :-)
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