How to create an awesome Twitter profile in Google Analytics

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twitter-tools1Using a few Google Analytics advanced filters, it’s very easy to create a handy Twitter-specific profile which groups together twitter sources such as web clients and short URL services.

If you’ve read the post 2 easy ways to track social networks in Google Analytics, you should be quite familiar with using advanced filters in Google Analytics. A large percentage of Twitters traffic is coming from phone or desktop based clients, in which case they’ll appear as direct traffic so be sure to place extra attention to filter three.

1. Create a new Google Analytics profile and name it ‘Twitter Traffic’:

I also find it very useful to add a date next to the new profile so I’ll know when it went live and what sort of reporting data I should expect. Remember to always keep your original profile intact.
2. Click on ‘edit’ next to the new profile and add the following filters under ‘add filters’ option READ MORE>

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