Brand New Logo for the American Marketing association (AMA)

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“The American Marketing Association (AMA) was established in 1937 by visionaries in marketing and academia. Today, the AMA has grown to be one of the largest marketing associations in the world, with over 30,000 members who work, teach and study in the field of marketing across the globe.

As the leading organization for marketers, AMA is the trusted go-to resource for marketers and academics. AMA is counted on as the most credible marketing resource. To qualify  as a AMA member you need at least a Bachelors degree in  Business Marketing.  So it is a big deal.


Although being a very prestigious logo, AMA though it need a cleaner facelift.

Which one you like most? Before or after?

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By Mary

Head of Integrated Digital Marketing and International Outreach
Maris Pozo is an Integrated Digital Marketer and member of the American Marketing Association, with over 9 years of experience on the agency side-and has worked with clients such as HP, LATimes, and bilingual markets in Spain and U.S.

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