Social networks that provide free training and certifications

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certificationsSocial networks that provide free training and certifications, so you can enhance your skills and or added an extra to your CV/ resume:

learn social media and get certify

Free Seminars

Hubspot academy (learning and certification):

Adwords (learn and certification) This one I’m a little bit disappointed. Years ago, when i took my Adwords certification there were videos and quizzes at the end. It was very interactive and effective. Now, you need to go through it with text, dont get me wrong is not about not wanting to read, but how do you explain complex items on Google Adwords with text? Hope Google step up their game and give their upcoming students a better training course–but none the less is free.

Exellent Google webminars that covers everything you need to run your online business (seo, social, how to get up campaings, mobile, and the like)


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