How to Turn Twitter Stream Into a Real-time SEO Blog

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By Mary,
Twitter is a great microbloging platform, but what they’ve neglected in focusing on is that by producing things in real time there are stuff that gets left behind with volumes of information you cannot make heads of tails out of it.

Each tweets has relevance in a the longer term fashion, and it has even more relevance if it could be assembled into an organized by topic durable content. Fortunately, there is new plataform that allow us to do just that. It’s called Twylah.

Twylah organizes your Twitter stream (lists and all) into neatly organized topical folders, and crates your very own blog out of your tweets, creating a durable contextual SEO-optimized pages. You can even tweet from within your blog.

A blog more sustainable with more durable stratigic valuable goods, turning flow into stock, boosting productivity, and organizing your tweets as long-term ranking influencers.


All you  need to do is go to It will ask you to join by using your tweeter account login. Give a minute, and voila! you have a blog organized with tabs pert topic.

Check out my new Twylah page

Have fun creating your own!


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By Mary

Head of Integrated Digital Marketing and International Outreach
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