5 Examples on How to Set Up SMART Social Media Goals

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When a social media marketer begins to design a Strategic Social Marketing plan, many times there is not clear direction where to begin. A lot of time is lost in brainstorming and asking questions of the client’s business goal, in order  to find where in the marketing funnel the social efforts are located. For most new businesses, there are Read More


Personality Test and Methods for Evaluating Your SEO Team

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What are the methods of performance evaluation? By Mary Performance evaluations are a collaborative endeavor coordinated between the various departments and HR. The evaluations are informed by the various managers in each department with the outcomes falling to each of the respective managers since they are ultimately responsible for the employee’s performance. There are several Read More

15 SEO Worst Enemies

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By Mary, You’ve landed a small business or startup client, and began developing your SEO strategy. Despite the potential you see in the client’s site (product or service) to leverage a great SEO campaign, soon you realize nothing is getting done because your client has accidentally turn him or herself into the SEO project’s worse Read More

How To Identify a Milestone For Your SEO Project

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By Mary Identifying Project Milestones A milestone is defined by the PMBOK Guide (5th Edition) as “a significant point or event in a project” (pg. 546). Typically, milestones signal the completion of a key deliverable but they may also signify an important decision point in a project. “A milestone should not be about doing something; it should Read More

Understanding Intent & Concepts Themes (SEO Smart Keyword Research)

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. . Understanding Intent & Concepts: Intent explained: The easiest way to explain Intent is by reading a quote from Google’s own Senior Vice President Amit Singhal (former–he left Google this week) who said, “people communicate with each other by conversation, not by typing keywords – and we’ve been hard at work to make Google Read More

Case Study: Dunkin’ Donuts Global Marketing Initiative – Thailand

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Dunkin’ Donuts opened its business in Thailand in 1981. Currently it operates almost 130 outlets, serving more than 300,000 customers a week. The difference between a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in the US compared to Thailand is that in Thailand, Dunkin’ Donuts’s marketing strategy characterizes an image of a conscious organization who cares for society and Read More

Global Digital Marketing: Compare the United States with other Coutries

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This article discusses how culture influences marketing communication and consumer preferences.  Compare the United States with other countries. Cultural differences can affect business relationships in the global markets, but this is often underestimated, especially in international team-building efforts. Language issues are only one source of the problem. Foreign companies need acceptance by the local market Read More

Case Study: Are Extroverts Good Leaders or They Need To Become Extroverts To Be Leaders?

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1st CASE: The Power Of Quiet (Question 5-19.)    Are you more of an introverted or extroverted leader? What can you do to leverage your personality to be a more effective leader? Question 5-20.       Would you prefer to be more introverted, or more extroverted, than you are? Why? Question 5-21.      Do you agree with Cain’s arguments? Read More

Cross Functional SEO

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By Mary, Marketing, as a discipline, is a cross-functional activity that relies heavily on developing links with other departments within the organization in order to be successful. So there is not surprise that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by its very nature, affects many silos beyond its own in that cross-functional SEO alignment is necessary and Read More

2016 SEO Tools That Will Make Your Work Easier This Year

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Definitely this new year there are going to be many analytics, reporting, and tracking tools available that can make accessing your reports fasters and efficiently. DashThis. This tool is by far one of my favorites from last year and just getting better this year. DashThis for integrated Reporting Dashboards, and it works as good as Read More

Why teams Go Bad? Groupthink SEO a Team Norm That Contaminates Teams

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By Mary, When a decision needs to be made by a team or group on  how to develop a Integrated Online Marketing plan, an SEO project chatter, or a social media  creative brief,  sometimes the best and most effective idea within the group is not implemented. The reason this happens is because a group could be  contaminated Read More

Research and Discussion of Legislative Lobbying for Net Neutrality That Has Occurred In the Last 12 Years.

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The FCC winning on net neutrality or as others like to call it the “open internet”, is the biggest victory for the public interest in the agency’s history, especially for vacating portions of previous orders. Title II reclassification is the major winner here because it removes cable or ISP provides from being classified as an Read More